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What is SayMazelTov?

SayMazelTov is where you can request personalized videos from your favorite Jewish creators and inspiring thought leaders. Our goal is that you have a personalized easy and professional experience all the while supporting a charity.

How exactly am I supporting a charity through my request?

A percentage of every video request after completion goes directly to the charity of the month. If you are a charity or non profit organization and want to be featured as the charity of the month please send a request to

How do I contact the SayMazelTov team?

We would love to hear from you whether you have questions, inquiries, or just want to say “hey” you can reach us at

What else should I know?

You are awesome and that the world is your dance floor!

Can I be notified when new creators join the marketplace?

Absolutely! Join our mailing list (don’t worry, we won’t over do it) to stay up to date with the latest creators, features, giveaways and more!

Do you have an app?

We love the way you think! The SayMazelTov app is coming soon! Subscribe to our Mailing list to stay in the loop about the app, new creators and features!
Video Requests

How much does it cost for a video?

The cost of any SayMazelTov video is set by the creator, so it will vary from creator to creator. They can also update their pricing at any time. Not to worry: you will be charged with the price set at the moment of your request.

How do I request a video?

All the creators are on our website and you can easily find your favorite creator by searching through our search bar found in the upper right corner of the homepage or by browsing the various categories listed on the homepage as well. Once you find who you are looking for, click on the button “book now”.

Can I update my request after I already booked a video?

Yes! You can edit or cancel your request by clicking on the confirmation email sent to you.

How long does it take for my request to be completed?

Creators have 7 days to complete your request; if they do not complete your request in 7 days, we will release the hold on your debit/credit card.

What is the “rush service” feature?

Normally the video requests will be done within 7 days from when you request them, however if you need the video sooner you can click on rush service at checkout and the creator will have 48 hours to send your ideo request. Keep in mind this service is only available if seen upon check out, Not all creators will have this option.

Am I guaranteed that the creator will attend my request?

While it’s the top priority for us that you receive your video, it is possible that your request could expire after 7 days. Also, be aware that creators can choose to either decline or accept any request.

How will I receive my video after it’s completed?

You’ll receive an email with a downloadable link to your video, or SMS if you choose to!

Can I download and keep my video?

Yes! Your video can be downloaded through the link we emailed or texted you. You have a non-commercial and personal license to use it forever, subject to our Terms and Conditions.

When will I be charged for my video?

Once you complete your request, we will send a temporary authorization to your credit/debit card. Once you receive the video, you’ll be charged. If your request is not completed, the authorization will be released and your card will not be charged.

What if I have already been charged, but haven’t received my video yet?

If it’s in the first 7 days, it’s a temporary authorization to ensure the funds will be available to our creators once they complete the request. However, if 7 days have passed, please reach out to us at

What is the difference between commercial videos and personal videos?

A commercial video can be used to promote a campaign/organization/product on the company’s website and official social media channels. Specific terms can be found here. A personal video can only be used for personal purposes, with non-commercial use.

What are some examples of how commercial videos can’t be used?

One example would be to edit the video so it would seem that the creator is promoting or sharing something other than what the original request was for or to manipulate the creator in any way by changing their voice or appearance.

Where can I post my commercial video?

Anywhere you like.

Can I edit the content in a commercial video?

All videos must be posted without editions, to ensure information is not taken out of context.